Diversity In Cycling (First Edition)

This project started as a conversation centred around an observation: more people from Black, Asian, and ethnically diverse backgrounds seem to be taking up cycling as a sport but not necessarily joining cycling clubs. Overall, the cycling world, be it clubs, brands, bike shops, or elite competition, looks very white.

That conversation led to more conversations which snowballed into the writing and producing of Diversity In Cycling. The original plan was to write a brief discussion paper for Kingston Wheelers, but the project quickly gained momentum, attracting over sixty contributions from riders of Black and Asian backgrounds, including many Muslim riders. Chidi Onuoha, a communications executive at British Cycling, recognised its potential and mobilised the support of the governing body, including securing a Foreword from its CEO Julie Harrington.

You can read the first edition of Diversity In Cycling here. (NOTE – this is retained for archival purposes, but it is recommended that readers refer to the second edition for current best practice here.)