The Telegraph: Trek-Segafredo’s Quinn Simmons apologises for ‘divisive’ and ‘incendiary’ comments on social media

In its coverage, The Daily Telegraph referred to Diversity In Cycling:

Others believe Trek were right to do what they did. The Twitter handle for Diversity in Cycling tweeted that the black hand emoji, used by a white person, was “a form of blackface”.

“In Black History Month, it is worth explaining why Quinn Simmons’ tweets were racist,” the account manager wrote. “It was not because of his politics, but because he used a black hand gesture.

“This is a form of blackface – a means of racist oppression used by extremist groups. “No Quinn, the furore is not about your political beliefs, it is about your racism. You used a black hand gesture, a form of blackface. You know the history of blackface right? “Trek-Segafredo 100 per cent correct to suspend you. Listen and learn.”

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