Genie Sutherland: Black Unity Bike Ride Ghana

Black Unity Bike Ride returned from Ghana last week, and Genie Sutherland, who made the trip, describes the experience:

A Message from a Soul Sista – the bike box is out of my life (dropped off at London Bridge).

TeamGhana #23🇬🇭

Firstly – Thank You Almighty GOD 🙏🏽

Secondly -Toksy and Enitan Chiefs/Kings/Boss – WoW you have just delivered an epic masterpiece ❤️🇬🇭❤️ your vision your wisdom your spirit your heart and soul are pure phenomenal. 


#TeamGhana23 – I Love each and everyone of you guys from the bottom of my heart ❤️ The characters of our family is off the chain 😂 ‘Authentic Love’. I felt a strong sense of connection and belonging within our BUBR family which will continue throughout my cycling and lifetime journey. 

This trip:

Everyday brought something new – sometimes blood, sweat and tears, painful truths, alongside emotionally mentally and physically exhausting, other times happy moments of joy and jubilation, goals and challenges that were once a vision that became victorious. 

Real talk: 

I was DONE at least 4 or 5 times from Day One and that was before any rides and then DONE again another three or four maybe six times during mission…… 

However I quickly realised every obstacle put in my way was overturned, The Almighty said “ Sista Gee- Stop being so dramatic – calm down and let’s set a realistic number of kilometres ( just go with 250Km) and get back to enjoying cycling among friends”.

On Road: There were some pit stops where I just wanted to dash my bike down and leave it there, there were days where there weren’t NO pit stops (what was that all about?) 😳 “Lord of Mercy Mercy Merrrrcy” 🙏🏽 I sang and cried 😇, somedays I just wanted to sit on the bus and take In the scenery, like Driving Miss Daisy.

Finding that gear: On another days I wanted to take on the hills, attack them with speed and strength – race on the flats – I wanted to push and NOT be pushed, lead with heart and spirit – collectively roll with my group (B),  I wanted us to feel the energy as the adrenaline kick in through our bodies and at the moment say “Thank You Thank Thank You for this great opportunity and outstanding team achievement. 


This experience was such an inspirational story of Love Faith Hope Community Togetherness Struggles and Strength – it’s Powerful and Thank You all ❤️❤️❤️🥰💥