Second Edition of Diversity In Cycling

The second edition of Diversity in Cycling is published today, celebrating the individuals and initiatives that are helping to make cycling more inclusive and accessible. First published in 2019 by Andy Edwards, a music business executive and experienced club cyclist, the report explores the experiences of riders from underrepresented backgrounds taking up cycling for the first Second Edition of Diversity In Cycling

Carolyn Axtell Interview

One aspect of Diversity In Cycling we have been meaning to explore further are the pathways available specifically for Muslim women. We spoke to our good friend Carolyn Axtell to find out more about the work she and others are doing to support Muslim women interested in taking up cycling. Tell us about yourself I Carolyn Axtell Interview

Diversity In Cycling (First Edition)

This project started as a conversation centred around an observation: more people from Black, Asian, and ethnically diverse backgrounds seem to be taking up cycling as a sport but not necessarily joining cycling clubs. Overall, the cycling world, be it clubs, brands, bike shops, or elite competition, looks very white. That conversation led to more Diversity In Cycling (First Edition)